Customer Testimonials

EmpireOne Insurance Consultants

Vickie Vignare in New York said:

You guys are the best!

Bonnie Goodwin in New York said:

Several years ago I switched insurance companies after twenty years. I met an insurance agent, Alan Czaplicki, who took customer service to a whole new level. After Mr. Czaplicki left that insurance company, I quickly learned that I had once again become just an “account number”. After searching the internet I found that Mr. Czaplicki had join EmpireOne Insurance and proceeded to call him directly. Not only was he able to save me premium costs, he took the time to ask about my family. That is what I call above and beyond customer service. I have since referred two other friends to the EmpireOne Insurance and know they will find Mr. Czaplicki to be reliable, approachable and personable.

Neil Bommele in New York said:

Damn you are good. I told Lou that it could wait a day or two. Many thanks.

Kim Hoyt in New York said:

Lou makes it easy to feel confident and 100% comfortable with “leaving it to him”. He is knowledgable and goes above and beyond what is expected. I have and will continue to recommend his services at EmpireOne Insurance Agency.

Matt Livernash in New York said:

I have been a personal acquaintance and professional client of Lou’s in excess of ten years. Lou is a dedicated insurance professional who is always looking to maximize value for his clients. Given his relaxed style and great sense of humor, it’s easy to see why he maintains such an excellent rapport with clients, staff, and other professional liaisons. In addition, his integrity is beyond reproach. Lou Ricci would be an asset to anyone seeking personal risk management representation and I recommend him highly.

Derek Annechino in New York said:

Lou worked hard to find the right insurance for the needs of my family. His knowledge and expertise is second to none and his commitment to his customers is outstanding.